How Do I Catch My Scout Elf Moving?

Scout Elves are always creating new hiding spots, leaving surprises and flying to the North Pole to see Santa at the North Pole each night. So, "how come I've never seen my Scout Elf moving," little ones may wonder. To help you answer this tricky question from your child, we have the official answer straight from the North Pole!

The truth is, Scout Elves only move when they know nobody else is around. This is because when they're with you, they're doing their very best to fulfill their duty for Santa of watching and listening to every single thing that happens in your home. Santa can only create his nice list when his has this info, so it's one of the most important duties of the Christmas season! If your little one is still curious about Scout Elves moving, share with them some of the North Pole facts below about elves and how to catch your Scout Elf moving.

How Do I Catch My Scout Elf Moving?

Facts about Scout Elves on the Move

  • Seeing a Scout Elf moving is as rare as seeing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
  • Scout Elves are trained using top-secret North Pole methods to hold their position for a very long time so they can fulfill their Christmas duties to watch, listen and report to Santa!
  • Sometimes Scout Elves appear to be in the same spot in your home, but they are always on the move. Find out more in our blog post.
  • Some people have tried for years to catch a Scout Elf moving.
  • Scout Elf stakeouts are fun events some families participate in where they hunker down and try to catch their elf moving. If your little one is fascinated by the idea of catching your elf on the move, you could participate in your own Scout Elf stakeout, complete with your favorite snacks, games and a pair of binoculars to check in and see if you've noticed any slight movement from your elf!

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