1. Cut yarn into approximately 3 yard strands.
2. Put the ends of one yarn strand together and tie a knot around the craft foam wreath. Pull the short end of the excess string off to one side.
3. In the direction that the short strands from your knot are facing, begin to wrap the long stands from your knot around the wreath.
4. Continue to wrap the string around your wreath until you have covered the entire wreath.
5. Once your wreath is covered, tie another knot around the wreath to keep the yarn from unraveling.
6. Cut another piece of yarn (approximately 1 foot). Fold it in half and tie a knot in the middle.
7. Wrap the two pieces of yarn hanging from the knot around the wreath and tie together. This creates a handle for the yarn wreath ornament.
8. Cut out elves from next page and tape or glue on your ornaments.
9. Hang from your tree and enjoy!