At the end of November, the time comes for Santa’s scout elves to depart the North Pole and make their way to homes around the world for #ScoutElfReturnWeek™! This weeklong celebration (Nov. 24–Dec. 1) is when most families welcome back their scout elves, or adopt a new North Pole helper. Stay tuned for more special videos from Santa to stay up-to-date on all of the latest Scout Elf Return Week™ news!

Meet Santa’s Elite Scout Elf Training Team

November 23, 2016

The Scout Elf Training Team will take you inside the new Scout Elves at Play kit to show off 15 unique elf-sized tools and how your scout elf may use them this year to surprise you during #ScoutElfReturnWeek™!
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Watch the Scout Elves on Their Journeys Home

November 20, 2016

As soon as Santa’s scout elves leave the North Pole, be the first to see them on their way to homes around the world! You’ll be able to watch as Santa’s scout elves fly around the globe to get back to their families in time for #ScoutElfReturnWeek™! 
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See an Exclusive Video from the North Pole Photo Shoot

November 7, 2016

Get an exclusive look at the 2016 Claus Couture Collection® during this behind-the-scenes photo shoot! Let Fashion Correspondent Fifi Frostbite be your guide as the elves show off all of the sporty, cozy and stylish outfits that your elf could wear during Scout Elf Return Week™ to surprise your family!
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