Saint Bernard Registry Benefits
Personalized  Adoption Certificate

Adoption Certificate

You’ll receive a personalized document certifying that your Saint Bernard has been added to the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard Registry. Adopting a Saint Bernard is special, and Santa knows you will want to remember this noteworthy day.
Personalized  Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa

To thank you for adopting one of his Saint Bernard pups, Santa will send you a personalized welcome letter. Download and save this special letter, as well as some special care instructions, to remind you how proud Santa is that your Elf Pets® Saint Bernard has become part of his official registry.
Official  Registry Badges

Registry Badges

By adopting, naming and registering your Elf Pets® Saint Bernard, you have earned three of the Elf Pets® Adopted Care Badges. Claim these badges by downloading the official Elf Pets® Saint Bernard app in the iTunes App Store. In addition to collecting badges for your adopted pet, this iOS mobile app includes a virtual Saint Bernard pup to complete acts of kindness and collect the Christmas spirit in 6 challenging spirit run levels. With each kind deed, virtual pet interaction and earned care badge, you’ll gain Christmas spirit needed to help keep the North Pole magical.