1. Take the wooden dowel and insert it approximately 3” into your craft foam ball.
2. With an adult’s help, hot glue wooden dowel into the Styrofoam ball; cut dowel to length you want.
3. Break a toothpick in half and insert pointy end into the bottom of a gumdrop; then, insert broken end into the craft foam. Continue this until you have your entire ball covered in gumdrops. Make sure to place gumdrops very closely together so that no craft foam is visible in between (see picture.)
4. Insert other end of the wooden dowel into the floral foam; have an adult help you hot glue it in place.
5. Place the floral foam into your base. You may need a weighted object, such as river rocks, to put in your base to keep the gumdrop topiary from tipping over.
6. Use the ribbon to tie a bow near the top of the wooden dowel.
7. Display somewhere for all your loved ones to see!