Scout Elf Registration

When Scout Elves are adopted and given a name, they receive their Christmas magic so they can be Santa’s eyes and ears at Christmastime. Let Santa know his Scout Elves have found good homes by registering their name below, and receive a personalized North Pole documents!

Personalized Adoption Certificate

Adopting a Scout Elf is a special occasion for you and your family. Santa wants to help you commemorate this precious day with a personalized document certifying that your family Scout Elf has been added to the official Scout Elf Registry™.

Personalized Letter from Santa

After registering your family's Scout Elf, you'll receive a personalized letter written by Santa himself. Print this letter to show how proud you are your elf is part of Santa’s official Scout Elf Registry™!

Weekly  Ideas for Scout Elves
Scout Elves are as different as the families they love. During the holiday season, you’ll receive a special photo email delivery of all different kinds of elves in action—your elf is sure to be inspired, too!