1. Unwrap one peppermint patty and one peanut butter cup.
2. Place a dab of icing on top of the patty; place the peanut butter cup upside down onto the icing, “gluing” it to the peppermint patty.
3. Using the white icing, pipe a fine line around the bottom of the peanut butter cup where it meets the peppermint patty.
4. Still using the white icing, draw the buckle of the pilgrim’s hat onto the peanut butter cup; it should be touching the line that was piped in step 3.
5. Repeat steps to create as many Pilgrim Hat Treats as you wish and ENJOY!

This recipe may contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Before using our recipes, always check the ingredient list and food labels of all ingredients and be sure to seek advice from a qualified physician if needed.