Add personalized flair to your birthday shindig with Elf On The Shelf® DIY birthday plates! These are free birthday plate designs that you can print and prepare at home. All you need are scissors, craft glue, clear round plates, printer paper, and color printer.

You just click Download to get your DIY birthday plate design, and print out copies. Follow the instructions listed to add North Pole magic to your DIY decor.

1. Print out The Elf on the Shelf® Birthday Plate template.
2. Cut out the template and polka dots.
3. Glue the template to the top of one clear plate, in the middle.
4. Place small polka dots from the print out onto the template and glue them in place.
5. Glue additional polka dots in whatever design you wish on top of the plastic rim of the plate.
6. Once you are happy with your design, place small dots of craft glue on the top of the plate surrounding your design; place a second clear plate on top of the decorated plate, making sure it is secured to the first plate by the dots of glue.
7. Repeat steps, creating as many plates as you need for each party guest.