Birthday party hats are a classic tradition for any birthday. Make your own birthday hats with the Elf Birthday Collection birthday hat template! These are printable birthday hat templates that you can prepare at home for a fun pre-party activity. All you need is string or yarn, crayons, markers, glitter, optional poms-poms, scissors and tape.

You just click Download to get your DIY birthday hat template, and print out copies. Follow the instructions listed to make your own classic party hats.

1. Print out The Elf on the Shelf® Party Hat template on the next page.
2. Color template using markers or crayons.
3. With an adult’s help, cut out template along dotted lines.
4. Form template into a cone and tape ends together with the flap hidden.
5. Decorate the hat using glitter, pom-poms, stickers or anything else you wish!
6. Cut a piece of string or yarn long enough to reach from one side of the hat to the other, and around your chin.
7. Attach string to the inside of the hat, using tape.