What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Letter to Santa?

Looking for the fastest way to get a letter to Santa? Well, it doesn't require postage, and delivery is 100% guaranteed: your Scout Elf! Santa's speedy little helpers fly to the North Pole each night, and can easily carry your letters for the fastest delivery to Santa! Read More

Time Saving Ideas for Scout Elves

More creative in less time—that’s the Scout Elves’ goal this holiday season when it comes to creating unique hiding spots! To reach their goal, the Scout Elves have come prepared with some great time-saving tools and tips from the Scout Elves at Play® line! Read More

Find Out Your Reindeer Name!

One of the best parts of adopting one of Santa’s scout elves or an Elf Pets® is getting to name your new family friend. But do your kids ever wonder what name Santa would give them if they were one of his reindeer? Read More

An Easy Elf Idea That Really Rocks

Your Scout Elf is getting ready to strike up the band with his or her own mini drum kit! With this easy printable craft, your elf can transform regular soup and tuna cans into a teeny tin drum set decked out in festive colors. Read More

Inside Santa’s Mail Room Grotto

Deep in the Arctic, hidden by snow, sits Santa’s mail room grotto where millions upon millions of letters wind up every Christmas. Learn fun facts about this special place at the North Pole, and learn what happens to your letters when they arrive at the North Pole! Read More

Find Out Your Saint Bernard Name!

Santa’s sending his Elf Pets® Saint Bernard pups to homes around the world—and it’s up to you to name your furry new friend! But have you ever imagined what your name would be if you were one of Santa's super special pups? Read More

Inside Mrs. Claus’ Design Studio

Behind each carefully crafted piece of Claus Couture Collection® elf clothing is a magical vision from Mrs. Claus herself! To put her eye for detail and imagination to work, Mrs. Claus opened her own design studio at the North Pole! Read More

Cinnamon Sugar Dessert Tacos

The Scout Elves are taking time to say olé! at the North Pole as they cook up a popular and traditional Mexican food: the taco! Of course, the Scout Elves had to put their own sweet spin on this tasty tortilla-wrapped dish by swapping the meat, veggies and salsa for ice cream, fruit and chocolate! Read More

Simple Snowball Cookies

Scout Elves build up a big appetite while slinging snowballs at the North Pole! When they slip inside for something sweet to eat, they can bring the fun with them thanks to their recipe for a tasty treat! Read More