Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

The only thing more exciting than the arrival of your Scout Elf this season may be the fact that kids can play a big role in helping Santa complete his Christmas duties! All they need are their Elf Pets® to cuddle and play with! Read More

11 Epic Scout Elf Return Ideas

In preparation for Scout Elf Return Week™ (starting Nov. 24), the Scout Elves have compiled some of their favorite—and most creative—elf returns of all time. Each idea has two things in common: they're definitely epic, and they can easily be recreated by your Scout Elf! Read More

What is Santa’s Address?

It’s that time of year when millions of letters make their way to the Scout Elves and Santa at the North Pole, filled with wishes, messages, hopes and more! Have you ever wondered what is Santa's address? Read More

Exclusive Look Inside the North Pole

When your child pictures the North Pole, what do they imagine about the magical land where Santa and his friends live and where Christmas wishes are granted? Now, you can see for yourself an exclusive look inside the North Pole! Read More

How to Get The Elf on the Shelf® to Come Back Early

All year, Scout Elves eagerly count the days until they can visit your family for the best time of year: Christmas! We know your family can't wait for the holidays either— sometimes, so much so, your kids may wish to see their Scout Elf earlier than normal or to invite them for a special visit. Read More

What Are Elf Pets®?

In addition to the animals who spend their days frolicking in the snow, the North Pole is home to Santa’s magical furry friends known as the Elf Pets®. These special animals are Santa’s trusted companions who help him make Christmas a success each year. Read More

Easy Candy Corn Hot Cocoa

Celebrate the holiday known for tricks and sweet treats with this bewitching Halloween recipe for a bubbling brew that looks—and tastes—just like candy corn. All your special boys and “ghouls” are sure to enjoy this spellbinding pre-trick-or-treat potion! Read More

DIY Halloween Costumes

Bring a touch of Christmas spirit to your Halloween festivities with these adorable DIY costumes designed by the Scout Elves! Kids can choose to dress up as one of Santa’s red-suited helpers, a special North Pole pet or even iconic symbols of Christmas by using the Scout Elves’ handy instructions. Read More

Petite Pumpkin Treats

If October had an official vegetable, the pumpkin would certainly be it! Along with your little ones, make these petite treats using the Scout Elves’ simple seven-step recipe, and you’ll create plump little pumpkins perfectly sized for snacking! Read More

Easy DIY Scout Elf Costume

We’re sure your little one would love to dress up as your family’s favorite North Pole visitor this Hallow’s Eve. Just follow the DIY instructions below to create an award-worthy Scout Elf costume in no time. Happy trick-or-treating, friends! Read More

A+ Apple Cupcakes

Giving an apple to the teacher is a great way to show appreciation! But children don’t have to honor their favorite mentor with a garden-variety Red Delicious, Fuji or Gala because the Scout Elves have come up with a fun new recipe to show teachers they’re valued! Read More

Is My Elf a Real Elf from Santa?

Only some elves are Santa’s official Scout Elves who interact with families and fly to homes around the world each year. Can you tell Santa’s official Scout Elves apart from other elves you may have seen in books or photographs? Read More