Simple Snowball Cookies

Scout Elves build up a big appetite while slinging snowballs at the North Pole! When they slip inside for something sweet to eat, they can bring the fun with them thanks to their recipe for a tasty treat! Read More

Ideas for Busy Elves

Between flying to the North Pole each night and keeping track of your family’s adventures, Scout Elves are always on the go! So it’s no wonder that sometimes your elf could use some ideas for quick and effortless hiding spots. Read More

Cool Ideas for Creative Elves

If your Scout Elf is keen on crafts and loves adding a touch of flair to everything they do, we’ve got the perfect elf ideas for them! For creative elves, these impressive projects won’t take long to pull off, and they’ll be sure to leave little ones wowed in the morning! Read More

What Do Scout Elves Do at the North Pole?

Once their families hit the hay, Scout Elves begin zipping off to the North Pole to report all of the day’s exciting events to Santa! But after all the tales of the day’s adventures are told, do elves do anything for fun while they’re back at the North Pole? They certainly do! Read More

Ideas for Elves with Reindeer Pets

Many elves have just been reunited with their Elf Pets® Reindeer at their families’ homes and they’re already enjoying spending time together in NEW ways this season. Check out their fun adventures below (Helpful hint: Click the “learn more” buttons to see the items you can leave out for your elves and reindeer so they can create similar scenes in your home with ease!) Read More

Jumpstart Holiday Family Fun with Christmas Crafts

It’s time to deck the halls with easy DIY décor that’s sure to delight! From a delicious doughnut snowman to an impressive DIY ornament, the Scout Elves have picked out six ideas to get your holiday crafting in gear. Just pick the perfect project for your family, grab some items from around the house and let your creative juices flow! Read More

Christmas Kind Deeds for All Ages

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to make others jolly, too! Just in time for Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving and philanthropy, the scout elves are busy doing kind deeds that kids of all ages can partake in this holiday season to make it bright for others. Read More

Exclusive Q&A with the Scout Elf Training Team

Training all of the scout elves at the North Pole is a big job, but the members of Santa’s Elite Scout Elf Training Team are up to the task! This elite force of super-skilled scout elves are known as the best climbers, jumpers, twirlers and fliers at the North Pole. Read More

Navy Submarine Visits the North Pole!

Just in time for Veterans Day, gather your little ones together to read about the voyage of the USS Hampton submarine and its Navy crewmen, featuring pictures of Santa and his scout elves at the North Pole! When the Navy submarine has to surface to avoid an iceberg, none of the crew members can believe that they’ve arrived at the North Pole! We hope you enjoy reading this playful tale with your loved ones. Read More

A Behind-the-Scenes North Pole Photo Shoot

Hello, fellow fashionistas, Fifi Frostbite here! As the North Pole’s number one Fashion Correspondent, I’m an expert on all things sparkly and stylish, which is why I’ve put together a special sneak peek of this season’s Claus Couture Collection®. Read More

Learn All About the New Elf Pets® Saint Bernard!

Have you ever wondered how Santa makes it around the world in one night? Or how he’s able to carry all of those presents? He uses Christmas magic, which is made from Christmas cheer! To help him gather all the cheer he needs, Santa has given a special mission to his newest friend, the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard. Read More

Tasty Truffle Treats

All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro this month as athletes from around the globe gather to compete! To celebrate the host country of Brazil, the scout elves have created their own recipe for a tasty Brazilian treat known as brigadeiros, a.k.a. truffles! Read More

Medals for Your Award-Winning Family

In the spirit of this month’s activities in Rio de Janeiro, the scout elves wanted to share these fun paper medals for your little ones to color and give to their award-winning family members. You could even get creative and host your very own “closing ceremony” like they do after the world games! Read More

Family Story Time Activities

There are a large number of scout elves who love telling stories. They tell stories so often, they even came up with a super fun North Pole way to create terrific tales—and now they want to share it with YOU! Read More

Cookies and Cream Dream Dip

Just like the big man in red, the scout elves love sweet treats, especially when they involve cookies! Lucky for them, Mrs. Claus is always letting them experiment with new recipes in her kitchen at the North Pole. This week, the elves created one of their most scrumptious confectionary concoctions yet—cookies and cream dream dip! So if the April showers are keeping your family inside, try this delectable dessert dip—perfect for an after dinner snack, movie night indulgence or Saturday afternoon surprise! Read More

Ideas for Crafty Elves

Some of your scout elf’s favorite hiding spots are ones that are crafty and quick! Ease and efficiency are both a part of these adorable ideas for elves who like to get in touch with their inner artist. All you need to do is leave out the supplies and watch the magic unfold! Read More

In the Spirit of the Season…

With presents to buy, holiday decorating underway and the list of to-do’s growing ever-endless, sometimes it’s difficult to remember to embrace the spirit of the season. We often let crowded shopping malls and traffic-filled parking lots fill our hearts with frustration, instead of the more appropriate notions of love, joy and peace. Read More