Easy-to-Make DIY Seed Bombs

This week, the Scout Elves are planting pine trees and poinsettias at the North Pole, making it even more beautiful! They're having so much fun, they wanted to share a fun DIY craft to help you complete your summer planting plans: seed bombs! Read More

Is My Elf a Real Elf from Santa?

Many elves at the North Pole make Christmas possible each year with direction from the Big Man in Red himself, Santa! But only some of the elves are Santa’s official Scout Elves who interact with families and fly to homes around the world each year. Can you tell Santa’s official Scout Elves apart from other elves you may have seen in books or photographs? Read More

Summer Snacks for Kids on the Go

It’s summertime, which means little ones can be found outdoors playing games, going on adventures and exploring—some of a Scout Elf’s favorite activities! Between a game of tag and summer sports practice, there’s often little time for kids to grab the snacks they need to play all day. Read More

3-Step Berry Ice Pops

Celebrate the summer solstice, also known as the official first day of summer, with a refreshing treat you’ll want to make over and over, all summer long! The Scout Elves’ recipe combines sweet, tart berries with juice for a total treat to the taste buds! This frozen favorite is just the berry great treat you need for a very great summer. Read More

Games on the Go

Scout Elves know a thing or two about making travel time all about fun! As your family sets out on summer vacation or makes a day trip to visit a landmark, relatives or an amusement park, take some game ideas from the elves to keep little ones entertained and occupied no matter the destination! Read More

The Best Ways to Make Fake Snow

Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland, but not getting any beautiful white snow to make it a reality? Don't wait on the weather to make your wintry wishes come true, just follow the Scout Elves' simple solution: make fake snow! Read More

Quick No-Bake Desserts

Making dessert has never been as easy as the Scout Elves’ six no-bake recipes that can be made in a snap! Put away the bakeware and mix your way to perfect desserts thanks to the lightning quick tips from the Scout Elves. Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The time has come to celebrate all the listeners, lovers, fixers and friends—the women that most of us simply know as “mom”! We have three great homemade gift ideas that can set the stage for a dainty Mother’s Day tea party with a little extra planning. Read More

How Do Scout Elves Get Their Magic?

Nobody at the North Pole has as much magic as Santa, but his trusty Scout Elves come very close! Thanks to their Christmas magic, they can complete nightly flights to the North Pole at record speed, create awe-inspiring surprises and finish super-skilled tasks for Santa. But how do Scout Elves get their magic in the first place? Read More

Easy April Fools’ Day Jokes

This year, lose the whoopee cushion, and forget the “dad jokes,” too, because the Scout Elves have much easier—and impressive—ways to elicit laughs this April Fools’ Day. With just a few everyday items, you’ll be able to create pranks inspired by the Scout Elves’ favorite humorous antics from Christmas seasons past. Read More