What Are Elf Pets®?

When you think of the North Pole and the animals who live there, you may think of polar bears, foxes, owls and of course the most famous: reindeer! Among the animals who spend their days frolicking in the snow are Santa’s magical furry friends known as the Elf Pets®. These special animals are Santa’s trusted companions who help him make Christmas a success each year.

What Are Elf Pets?

The Elf Pets® Reindeer is best known as Santa’s high-flying friend. In fact, with love from children all over the world, the Elf Pets® Reindeer are able to activate a special Christmas magic held deep within the golden heart charm they wear around their neck. Once the Christmas magic starts to swirl on Christmas Eve, each Elf Pets® Reindeer grows to full size and helps pull Santa's sleigh. Thankfully, with the help of kids, Santa can make his deliveries in no time, and the storybook, which is included with every adoption kit, inspires children's imaginations and encourages the power of belief while celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

What Are Elf Pets?

The Elf Pets® Saint Bernard inspires kids to perform kind deeds. When they do, they create Christmas cheer, which the Saint Bernard gathers in its magical barrel. On Christmas Eve, all that cheer floats up to the North Star, where it’s kept to help keep Christmas magical! Kids can learn even more about the Elf Pets® Saint Bernards' mission in their storybook, which comes with each box set.

What Are Elf Pets?

Both of these animals can be adopted from Santa's Store, and they each come with their own storybook that explains just how they help Santa each holiday. Read on to learn five fun facts about the Elf Pets®!


Top 5 Fun Facts About Elf Pets®

  1. The Elf Pets® Saint Bernard is the only pup to have a special marker from Santa himself: a heart-shaped mark on its right ear. That's how you know he has a direct link to the North Pole!
  2. On Christmas Eve, the Elf Pets® Reindeer magically grow to full size to fly alongside Santa on his most important journey! Once the reindeer use up all the magic powering their heart charms, they shrink back down to elf size.
  3. The Elf Pets® are the only North Pole pets that help Santa fulfill two very important Christmas missions every holiday season: flying the sleigh full of presents around the world and keeping the North Pole as magical as can be!
  4. The Elf Pets® wear special heart charms that are gifts from Santa himself and are made using Christmas magic.
  5. The Elf Pets® Saint Bernard pups star in their very own animated special called Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas.
  6. Want to know more about the furry helpers who make Christmas possible? Find out if your Elf Pets® can stay with you all year, and learn even more fun facts about these special helpers!

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