Six Super Ways to Build a Birthday Chair

Scout Elves love sweet treats and colorful presents, but decorating a birthday chair is most certainly their favorite part of a birthday celebration! This North Pole custom, explained in The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition, is a great opportunity for Scout Elves to add some extra magic to any child’s birthday soiree. Your kids will love waking up on their big day to find a regular chair transformed into a throne fit for a birthday prince or princess! Here are some of the Scout Elves’ favorite ways to deck the birthday chair.

The Sweet Seat—

Indulge a child’s sweet tooth with a chair that looks good enough to eat! Gather colorful treats to incorporate into the design, like oversized lollipops or mini candy bars. Or, stock up on decorative items shaped like candy canes, cupcakes and ice cream cones—the elves will know just what to do with them!

A Superhero’s Spot—

Any child can be the hero of their own celebration given the right birthday chair. A cape complete with the birthday child’s own special superhero emblem is a great wearable addition. The chair can also include the tools needed for the child to show off their very own superhero power—like the ability to blow humongous bubbles with a giant bubble wand! And of course, no hero can make do without a trusty pal. Their favorite stuffed animal can be dressed up as their new sidekick!

The Royal Fairy Throne—

To create a birthday throne fit for a fairy princess, your elf will need a few simple materials. Tulle can be used to create a festive chair skirt – for extra sparkle, look for the type that comes sprinkled with glitter. For some extra additions, check your local craft store for faux flowers, butterflies, or other whimsical woodland items. Costume fairy-wings and a tiara are the perfect finishing touches. Happy birthday, your highness!

“My Favorite Things” Chair—

Beloved books, movies, hobbies or interests are all fodder for a birthday chair tailored to the birthday boy or girl. For an animal lover, a snuggly chair crowded with stuffed animals would be a fun and furry surprise. An aspiring doctor will feel like a professional for the day with a stethoscope draped over the chair. With the right props, perhaps your child can act out a scene from their favorite movie. Check out one elf’s take on birthday chair for a racecar enthusiast in the photo below!

The Sports Lover’s Seat—

Knock it out of the park with a chair inspired by your child’s favorite sport. Incorporate actual equipment from the game or include paraphernalia like medals, ribbons, baseball cards, trophies, bobble heads and foam fingers. Scout Elves are great at using the special things you already have at home to create a festive seat!

The Classic Celebration Chair—

Scout Elves love to reuse and recycle whenever they can — and all those balloons and streamers from last year’s bash are perfect! Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a frenzy of colorful ribbons and balloons, especially those in the birthday child’s favorite colors. Simple but special touches can be added, like a favorite toy or stuffed animal. A birthday note from the family Scout Elf will be the perfect finishing touch!

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If your Scout Elf needs a little help, check out The Elf on the Shelf® Birthday Chair Decoration Kit which includes tips and supplies for your elf to design a fabulous birthday chair in minutes!

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