September Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The Scout Elves have come up with some neat ideas for celebrating September birthdays! Catch the last of the warm weather before summer fades to fall with themed parties that are perfect for soaking up those remaining sunny rays.

The Great Outdoors

Use tents – or even just blankets and folding chairs—to create a backyard oasis under the stars. Kids can get all the perks of spending an evening outdoors without straying too far from home!

  • To Eat: Keep it simple and go for the standard camping fare—hot dogs, hamburgers and s’mores—or let kids get creative with a do-it-yourself aluminum foil packet dinner. Offer up chicken, fish, hamburger meat, assorted vegetables, prepared rice and sauces and have kids wrap their chosen ingredients inside of foil that’s been coated with cooking spray. Throw the package right on the campfire coals – or on the grill – and cook until the meat is done.
  • To Do: Provide kids with a list of items that can be found in your backyard – like acorns, flowers or a specific type of leaf—and send them on a scavenger hunt. Once it gets dark, start a campfire and gather the children around to take turns telling jokes, scary stories or singing popular songs. A good game of tag using flashlights to find those who are hiding is another fun nighttime activity that will tucker out the little ones before bedtime.
  • For Party Favors: Purchase small, inexpensive backpacks or bags and fill with items that will prepare parting guests for their next powwow or outdoor excursion. Think trail mix, plastic binoculars, a compass, or a flashlight.

Ice Cream Social

I scream, you scream, all of your guests will scream for ice cream! Kids will have a blast creating their own perfectly personalized sundae, and parents can sit back, relax and watch the snacks practically create themselves!

  • To Eat: Ice cream, of course! Provide a variety of flavors and sweet sauces that guests can drizzle over their heaping bowls of dessert. Get creative with toppings: nuts, fruits, candies, cookies, cereal, whipped cream, marshmallows and savory treats, too (pretzels, anyone?). There are endless possibilities for your sundae bar – just don’t forget the cherry on top!
  • To Do: After kids have finished their cool, creamy treats, let them tame their sugar rush with a variety of outdoor activities. It can be as simple as putting out footballs, hula hoops, kickballs, whiffle balls and bats and letting kids choose their own games!
  • For Party Favors: Purchase decorative ice cream bowls and use ribbon to tie a spoon to each one. If you’d like, put a small container of sprinkles in each bowl so kids can recreate their perfect treat at home.

Pirate Party

Ahoy, mateys! Doth ye know that September 19th marks International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, shiver me timbers! Make the most of this swashbuckling holiday by hosting a party fit for the high seas. All hands on deck!

  • To Eat: Serve up gold nuggets (chicken nuggets), salty sea dogs (hot dogs) and root beer. Make any snack pirate themed using small pirate flags and sword-shaped toothpicks, which can be found at most party retailers. For dessert, any kind of round chocolate candy can double as a “cannonball!”
  • To Do: Yo ho ho! Do some research online, and teach children some popular pirate lore or terminology. Once they’re talking like pirates, they could see what it’s like to dress like them, too, by making their very own eye patches and newspaper hats. Make a treasure map and break children into teams. Have them follow clues to find a hidden treasure. “X” marks the spot!
  • For Party Favors: Don’t give guests the old heave ho without making sure they have a proper parting gift. Small treasure chests filled with chocolate gold doubloons, beaded necklaces, rings, and other small loot is just the ticket.

Santa is excited to introduce the new Birthday Club Page! From this page, you can access your child’s letter from Santa and their virtual North Pole birthday party all in one place.

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