March Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

March birthdays provide a perfect time to celebrate the fantastical fairies associated with this month’s most famous holiday—St. Patrick’s Day! Similar to Santa’s helpers, leprechauns love taking part in birthday celebrations. Lucky for your guests, a leprechaun has already visited your home and left a series of fun activities in his wake. Follow his trail of tiny footprints around your home and discover all of the directions he’s left for your child and their party guests!


Follow the footprints into the kitchen and start your party by decorating cupcakes left by the leprechaun himself! Give each child a cupcake—which the leprechaun turned green with the help of a little food coloring—and let kids decorate with green frosting, sprinkles and bite sized candies. Your guests are sure to love this festive and interactive sweet treat!

Lucky Cupcakes for March Birthday Ideas from The Elf on the Shelf

★ TO DO:

Continue to follow the leprechaun’s footprints until you come across a note that says, “Catch me if you can!” Take your pint-sized visitor up on his offer by helping guests create their very own leprechaun traps. Give each child a shoe box and arm them with an array of art supplies for this craft that lets children try to outsmart these clever creatures! Kids can get creative and conceptualize their own traps, or you can lead them through creating the simple trap outlined below:

What you’ll need:

  • One shoebox per child
  • Safety scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Markers, crayons, or other art supplies of your choice for decorating purposes


  1. On the top of the box, help kids CUT OUT a square large enough for the leprechaun to fall through.
  2. Using TAPE, secure tissue paper over the hole, creating a false floor that the leprechaun will fall through when he comes looking for gold!
  3. BUILD a small ladder using wooden craft sticks and glue; the leprechaun can climb this ladder to get on top of the box, where the treasure will be! Lean the ladder on the side of the box.
  4. PLACE chocolate gold coins on top of the box, opposite of the ladder and on the other side of the false floor that you’ve already created. This will entice the leprechaun to climb onto the top of the box and will lead him across the false floor, hopefully trapping him inside of the box!
  5. Let kids DECORATE their traps however they choose. Advertising “free gold” is a great way to catch the eye of any lingering leprechauns!


Visit your local party store to pick up favor bags in all the colors of the rainbow, as well as small St Patrick’s Day trinkets such as beads, chocolate gold coins, and other treats to fill them with. Fill the colorful bags and place them on a table in rainbow order for a colorful surprise at the end of the party!


Don’t forget that your Scout Elf can also join in on the birthday fun! Your elf could arrive with luck on his side by making his birthday appearance inside of a pot of gold! He or she could use a black bowl, basket or other small container and fill it with plastic or chocolate gold coins. On the morning of their birthday, your little one will awake to see their Scout Elf popping his or her head out from the treasure famously found at the end of the rainbow (wearing their special birthday cupcake outfit, of course)!

Scout Elf Suggestions for March Birthday Ideas from The Elf on the Shelf

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Santa is excited to introduce the new Birthday Club Page! From this page, you can access your child’s letter from Santa and their virtual North Pole birthday party all in one place.