Terrific Tips for Mastering School Lunches

Scout Elves love creating seasonal surprises in your home each Christmas, and kids will love their lunchbox surprises, too! Bring a big smile to your child’s face with these fun and tasty ideas from the Scout Elves that think outside the lunchbox!

Fantastical Fruit

Terrific Tips for School Lunches –The Elf on the Shelf

Improve your presentation skills by flaunting fruit in a variety of colorful shapes. Pick your child’s favorite fruits and use cookie cutters to make them into stars, scallops and fun shapes to create an impressive display. It’s true that food tastes as good as it looks, and with these fantastic looking fruits you can’t go wrong!

Wrapped Up

Terrific Tips for School Lunches –The Elf on the Shelf

Kids will have a good laugh when they see that you’ve taken a tip from the Scout Elves and wrapped up all their lunch items just like presents. It sure will help give lunchtime an air of excitement—just like Christmas morning!

Fondue Fun

Terrific Tips for School Lunches –The Elf on the Shelf

Transform your child’s lunchbox into a DIY fondue kit by providing breads, fruits, veggies, cheeses and dipping sauces so kids can mix and match their favorite combos. A dessert-centric box, like the one on the left above makes for a great afterschool snack, too!

What’s in our lunchboxes: (on the right) white bread cubes, peanut butter, jelly, pretzel stick skewers, green apples, white chocolate and butter cookies. (On the left) white bread cubes, red apples, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, jelly, strawberries.

Lunchbox Notes

Terrific Tips for School Lunches –The Elf on the Shelf

Even while they’re back at the North Pole, Scout Elves are always thinking about their families back home. To wish little ones luck at school, the Scout Elves created these printable notes that they want you to help them deliver by slipping them into your child’s lunchbox!


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