January Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If your child’s birthday falls at the first of the year, you can’t let your party planning skills go cold at the end of the busy holiday season. Luckily, these party ideas are a cinch to pull off!

Ringing in a New Year!

Throw a New Year’s Eve inspired bash that remixes popular December 31st activities to ring in your little one’s new year!

  • To Eat: Unfortunately popular New Year’s fare—like black-eyed peas and greens—aren’t typically a big hit with little ones. However other traditionally luck-bearing foods, like noodles, fruit and cake can easily be remixed to create a kid-friendly dish. Do some internet research to school your guests in the lore behind each entrée.
  • To Do: Create a simple photo booth including fun dress up props and a chalkboard where children can write birthday wishes to your child. Not only will this serve as a fun activity for guests to participate in, it will also create fun photos to commemorate the event! Use a camera that produces instant photos so that you and your guests can view the pictures straight away. After the photo booth fun is over, count down to the big moment of the night—the blowing out of the candles—and don’t forget to have a sparkling apple cider toast to the girl or boy of the hour!
  • For Party Favors: Send children home with the fun photo booth pictures they’ve already taken.

Party Backwards

Get ready for giggles; nothing will tickle kids more than seeing the wacky way you host a party! Flip a traditional birthday party on its head with backwards signs, games with reversed rules and treats with unconventional assembly. Don’t forget to tell your guests, “Goodbye” as they arrive!

  • To Eat: Whatever you choose to serve, don’t forget to make it inside out! Pizza? No problem, place the toppings on the crust, cover them with cheese and top it with sauce! Finger sandwiches? Put the bread on the inside and finish with meat and cheese on the outside. Pineapple upside down cake is the perfect finish to your quirky spread—or the perfect start if you reverse your menu! Don’t forget where to put the place settings—under the table, of course!
  • To Do: Think of some of your child’s favorite party games in reverse. How about pin the donkey on the tail? Or seek and hide, where one guest hides and children must race to find him or her. The last child to crouch quietly beside the hidden child is the next one who is “it!” Kids will get a kick out of singing “Happy Birthday” in reverse, just be sure to write the words out to guide guests through the song!
  • For Party Favors: Say “hello” as you send guests on their way with goodie bags filled with silly string, funny glasses and party poppers. Be sure to label each bag with your guests names—spelled out backwards!

The Book Nook

Gather all of your little book worms for a page-turner of a celebration!

  • To Eat: Serve up foods popularized on the pages of your child’s favorite books, like green eggs and ham, everlasting gobstoppers or butterbeer! Kids will be delighted to see these unique creations hop off the pages and onto their plates.
  • To Do: Ask children to come dressed as their favorite book character and give a prize for the most creative costume. After the contest is complete, divide all of the tiny literary characters into teams and let them come up with their own tales. Then, provide props so children can act out their stories in front of the whole party!
  • For Party Favors: Pick up some popular books from the dollar or thrift store and allow children to grab one on their way out the door. Or, give each budding wordsmith their own notebook and pencil to start working on an opus of their own!

Santa is excited to introduce the new Birthday Club Page! From this page, you can access your child’s letter from Santa and their virtual North Pole birthday party all in one place.

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