Grandparent’s Day!

Here’s a treat grandparents will love! The Scout Elves made a special booklet just for kids to give to their grandparents! Fill in the blanks, decorate with plenty of color and sparkle, and put the pages together. It'll be a special gift of love for someone who loves you so much! Have fun!

Download the PDF and follow the instructions to make a Grandparents’ Memory book!




  1. Color, draw and fill out the pages in this book.
  2. Cut template out; fold in half shortwise.
  3. Fold back one edge to the middle fold.
  4. Fold back the other edge to the middle fold.
  5. After unfodling the sheet, fold longwise.
  6. Refold shortwise, then use scissors to cut along the dotted line.
  7. Refold longwise; holding each end, push to the middle to open up cut section.
  8. Push cut section all the way in.
  9. Fold the left edge over to create the cover. Now it’s a book!