February Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Kids who have birthdays this month have a wonderful opportunity to throw a birthday bash modeled after this month’s most noted holiday: Valentine’s Day! The day, known for exchanging cards, flowers and gifts, presents a great opportunity for kids to show appreciation for their friends. Your child’s guests will be ready to fall head over heels for your divine party planning!

★ TO EAT: Heart-shaped cookie cutters will be your best friend, quickly transforming any snack into one that fits your theme!

For an easy birthday-party-friendly main course, make homemade cheese pizzas covered with heart-shaped pepperonis. Stack pepperonis on top of each other and use a small cookie cutter to turn them into a lovely shape before scattering them across the pizza.

February Birthday Cake Ideas and Valentine’s Day Fun from The Elf on the ShelfFor dessert, serve up slices of cake with colorful ice cream hearts on the side. To make the hearts, freeze ice cream in a 3-inch-deep pan the night before the party. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create the ice cream treats.

And don’t forget the conversation hearts—they’re the easiest way to give desserts a festive touch, too!

February Birthday Ideas and Valentine’s Day Crafts from The Elf on the Shelf★ TO DO:  Play a matching game where children must race to find the person who completes their pair! To start, use construction paper to cut out medium-sized hearts. Cut the hearts in half and on each piece of the heart, write two words that make a pair, like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly or knife and fork. Kids will then mingle around the room trying to find the other side to their heart!

To make the game more appealing to older children, write each individual word on a small piece of paper, having children draw them out of a hat without looking at their card. Use tape to attach the paper to the child’s forehead, facing outwards so all of the other children can see. Kids will then mingle around the room asking each other yes or no questions about their identity until they find which person holds the card that goes with theirs!

February Birthday Ideas and Valentine’s Day Party Favors from The Elf on the Shelf★ FOR PARTY FAVORS:
Send each child home with a heart-shaped cookie or conversation heart-topped cupcake. Attach a small label to each that reads, “You’re such a sweet friend,” “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “How sweet of you to drop by!”

Scout Elf Suggestions: February Birthday Ideas and Valentine’s Day Fun★ Scout Elf SUGGESTION:  As described in The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition, Scout Elves love to decorate birthday chairs. As a special surprise for a February birthday child, your Scout Elf could create a chair with some extra Valentine’s flair! Perhaps your elf will use a simple heart garland, crafted from fanciful paper and ribbon, or maybe the chair will be covered in paper valentines, each created by your elf especially for the birthday child. Valentine’s-themed candy and a festive bunch of red and pink balloons will make the perfect finishing touches to the chair!

To find out more about how birthdays are celebrated at the North Pole and to see how your family’s Scout Elf can come back for your little one’s big day, read The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition available now at Target!

Santa is excited to introduce the new Birthday Club Page! From this page, you can access your child’s letter from Santa and their virtual North Pole birthday party all in one place.

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