Need Elf Ideas?

Scout Elves Want to Share their Ideas for Family Fun With You!

Scout Elves are as different as the families they love; in fact, most elves adopt the personality of their family. Whether your elf is silly, crafty, funny, sweet or calm, they’ll find inspiration browsing through The Elf on the Shelf’s “Ideas for Scout Elves!” There are three areas in which you can view these fun family moments created by Scout Elves from around the world:

STEP 1: Visit our Website

Your Scout Elf can start raking up inspiration from the photo galleries. As you and your elf browse through these fun photos you’ll see all kinds of elves in action! Stay tuned throughout the holiday season as new photos are added to the galleries every week through the end of December.

STEP 2: Download the App

The third option is perfect for families and Scout Elves who are always on the go! The “Ideas for Elves” iTunes app will dish out ideas once per day, beginning November 22 and through Christmas Eve. In addition to showing innovative ideas and the materials your elf will need to pull them off, the free app will send a daily alert to remind you to pick up any materials your Scout Elf may need for the coming morning’s landing spot. Download this free app on the iTunes App Store.

By viewing or signing up for either of these “Ideas for Scout Elves” options, your elf will have access to over 120 different ideas this season! We hope these resources will make it a little bit easier for your elf to come up with new, fun ideas each morning – and in turn, will create even more magical moments for you and your family to enjoy together this holiday season.

Don’t forget to share your Scout Elf’s creative landing spots! Share you photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.