Easy Ways to Teach Kids About Earth Day

Earth Day is here, and for the Scout Elves that means finding fun and unique ways to say thank you to Mother Earth. This year, the Scout Elves have dreamed up a few fantastical ways to celebrate—in addition to tidying up the snowy paths, icebergs and mountainsides at the North Pole, of course! Gather your kids to learn about what the Scout Elves are doing today, and read on to see their suggestions for teaching your kids what Earth Day is all about this April 22!

1. They're Hosting a Recycling Race

Scout Elves Celebrating Earth Day – The Elf on the Shelf

On your mark, get set, RECYCLE! No can, bottle, jar or box will be left untouched today as the Scout Elves scour the North Pole for as many items as they can find to reuse, reduce and recycle! How will your family form better recycling habits in the year ahead? Don’t waste time—make a plan today that will make the Scout Elves proud!

2. They’re Taking Marshmallow Baths

Scout Elves Celebrating Earth Day – The Elf on the Shelf

The crystal blue North Pole water is a precious commodity and Scout Elves always do their best to conserve it. Today, they’re doing their part to save water by taking marshmallow baths—a sweeter alternative indeed! Your family can conserve energy, too, by remembering to flip off light switches, unplug appliances and never leave a faucet running—especially while brushing your teeth!

3. They’re Planting a Lollipop Garden

Scout Elves Celebrating Earth Day – The Elf on the Shelf

It’s a North Pole tradition to plant seeds on Earth Day, and this year the Scout Elves chose to plant lovely lollipop seeds that will sprout into a sweet garden of goodies! Help your children plant a fruit tree, a tomato plant or flower garden to blossom a fun new Earth Day tradition for your family, or check out how Scout Elves create their lollipop gardens.

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