DIY Star Spangled Wreath

Here at the North Pole, we know that one great way to deck the halls is with a beautiful wreath—and not just the kind covered in holly berries and evergreen sprigs! As certified wreath experts, the Scout Elves have come up with the perfect way for you to proudly display your red, white and blue this July 4th. This star-spangled DIY wreath is the perfect craft for letting your kids get creative while celebrating this patriotic holiday.

You’ll Need:

Fourth of July Wreath

  • Flat foam or wooden wreath frame (available at most craft stores)
  • 30-50 wooden craft stars in varying sizes
  • Red, white and blue paint
  • Decorative ribbon or bow
  • Hot glue gun or quick-drying fabric glue


  1. PAINT the wooden stars using the red, white and blue paint. Mix up the sizes and colors, making sure you have a good variety (you should have different sized stars in each of the paint colors). Let the stars dry before moving forward. Fourth of July Wreath - The Elf on the Shelf
  2. Parents only: Turn on your HOT GLUE gun (skip this step if you’re not using hot glue). As it heats up, begin playing with the placement of the stars on the wreath frame. (Helpful hint: the number of stars you’ll need depends on the diameter of your wreath and the look you’re going for—if you plan on overlapping the stars, you’ll need more of them. We used about 50 stars for a wreath frame with a 12-inch diameter.)
  3. Once you are ready, begin GLUING THE STARS in place. Be sure to vary the different shapes and sizes of stars as you go, ensuring a good mixture all the way around the wreath frame.Fourth of July Wreath - The Elf on the Shelf
  4. Once the stars have completely dried in place, ATTACH THE BOW or ribbon you’ve purchased with glue. (Helpful hint: add additional pieces of flair, like buttons or pom-poms to make your wreath 100 percent unique!)Fourth of July Wreath - The Elf on the Shelf
  5. Once dry, HANG your patriotic creation on your home or classroom door, or better yet, deliver it to the men and women it seeks to honor by visiting a veterans home or memorial. After all, nice deeds are sure to put you on Santa’s nice list!Fourth of July Wreath - The Elf on the Shelf

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Please remember that when attempting the craft included in this post children should always be supervised by an adult. When using crafting supplies or products, always read manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.