DIY Tooth Fairy Tote

It’s no secret that Santa’s Scout Elves are huge fans of the Tooth Fairy’s work rewarding good boys and girls all over the world. So in honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, the elves thought they’d share this adorable DIY Tooth Fairy Tote with you! When your little one’s tooth starts to wiggle, reach for a few simple supplies to create this North Pole-approved bag, which will make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find your children’s bygone baby teeth – and to leave a reward behind for them to find the next morning!

Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote

What you’ll need:

  • Piece of colored felt, at least 4” by 10” in size
  • Small piece of white felt
  • Small square of adhesive hook and loop fastener
  • Fabric glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Black marker


  1. CUT a rectangle of colored felt about 4 inches by 10 inches. Next Step
  2. FOLD the felt in half, leaving one side of the fabric approximately 2 inches longer than the other. The excess fabric will become part of a fold-over flap that will keep your children’s teeth secure until the Tooth Fairy is able to retrieve them! Next Step
  3. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote Cut and Fold Step

  4. GLUE the sides of the satchel shut, leaving the extra 2 inches of fabric untouched. Hint: Place a heavy book on top of the felt to hold it in place as it dries. Next Step
  5. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote Glue Flap Step

  6. After the glue has dried, use an IRON to smooth down the extra fabric into a flap that folds over the open part of the bag. Next Step
  7. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote Iron Step

  8. ATTACH a small square of adhesive-backed hook and loop fastener to keep the flap closed. Next Step
  9. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote Attach Velcro Step

  10. Now it’s time to DECORATE your creation! Cut a tooth shape out of the white felt. Next, glue the tooth to the flap of the bag, making sure to not accidentally glue the bag shut; the tooth should now be a part of the flap that helps to open and close the bag. Next Step
  11. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote Decorate Step

  12. INVITE your child to decorate his or her new tooth tote with whatever craft supplies you have available. The Scout Elves suggest gluing googly eyes onto your tooth and using a marker to draw on a nice big smile to create a friendly face! Next Step
  13. Scout Elf Craft Corner: DIY Tooth Fairy Tote

  14. As soon as your child’s tooth falls out, ask him or her to put it in the bag and leave it under a pillow or somewhere else the TOOTH FAIRY can easily find it. The next morning, your son or daughter will find their tiny tooth swapped out for a special surprise!