5 Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day

Sayonara, socks! Better luck next time, neckties! This Father’s Day, encourage children to give dad something much more precious—TIME! Whether lazing about at home or seeking adventure outdoors, kids can seize the opportunity to unwind with dad or grandpa on the one day devoted to your family’s patriarchs. Take some cues from our Scout Elves—who are always thinking up innovative ways to spend time with Santa—and let kids create a fun-filled day with dad!

1). 20 Questions. Have children grab a tape recorder or pen and paper and take the time to ask some burning questions about their father. What was his family like growing up? Who did he look up to? What does he remember most about the day they were born? The record of the conversation and the memories shared are sure to become treasured by generations of family to come.

2). BBQ Time. Don’t let the July weather go to waste; soak in some vitamin D with the whole family during a backyard blowout. If dad usually does the burger flipping, let him sit back and enjoy someone else’s grill skills—unless of course he prefers to wield the spatula! If BBQ isn’t his thing, children can chip in to create his favorite meal. We’re not sure if the way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach, but it’s not a bad place to start!

3). Dad’s Choice. Your children may not love car shows—or maybe they just don’t know much about them. Luckily, Father’s Day presents a prime opportunity for dad to share his hobbies and interests with the kids. Whatever dad might like—cooking, running, reading, baseball—kids can show how much they value him by partaking in the pastime or buying him tickets to an event he’ll enjoy.

4). Get Crafty. Break out the tools, paints or scrapbook and take on a project—a surefire way to bring the generations together. Maybe the project is something that can be finished in one day, or maybe it will be a longer-term undertaking. Either way, spending time striving for a common goal will provide time to relax, chat and bond.

5). Stroll Down Memory Lane. Old pictures and videos are worth 1,000 words –let dad speak his piece when you open up the pages of an old photo album or hit play on a classic home movie. Children can learn and ask questions about their childhood and it’s likely that dad has some never-before-heard stories to share.

Happy Father’s Day to All!