North Pole Secret Revealed in this Breaking News Story!

The Reindeer News Network Offers Behind-the-Scenes News and Special Reports from the North Pole.

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, kids everywhere want to know as much as they can about the North Pole. The Reindeer News Network (RNN) is the perfect place for them to catch a small glimpse into Santa’s world. The anchors and reporters at RNN have been able to get a hold of late-breaking news from the North Pole about Santa’s sleigh test run trouble. Including leaked security camera footage, this video provides a fun way to engage your kids and immerse them in the spirit of the holidays.

Your family is invited to follow along with future RNN broadcasts as co-anchors Eve Frost and Nick Kringle guide you through the Christmas season and report on the ways your family can help Santa’s sleigh get off the ground! At the North Pole, we believe in happy endings—and if we all do our part, we are sure Santa’s sleigh will once again fly high in the sky!

Be sure to check back for further updates on Santa’s sleigh and his Elf Pets® Reindeer! RNN has promised to keep us updated on all the breaking news coming out of the North Pole.

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