Birthday Goody Bag Ideas

When it comes to goody bags, the candy-filled paper sack routine is one birthday tradition that could use a little TLC. Rather than providing your party-goers’ with more of the same old thing, send guests home in high spirits with a memorable take-away. Let some of our inexpensive and unique ideas inspire your next goody giveaway.

Get Crafty

Let guests create their own party pièce de résistance with an arts and crafts activity that takes place during the party. Youngsters will love having something to show off once they’re back home! Friendship bracelets, DIY decorated magnets, masks, homemade cookies, and bookmarks are all simple, customizable items children will have a blast creating. Let your local craft store be your guide!

Power in Packaging

Ditch the paper bags and create a themed party favor around a plastic popcorn container, take-out box, basket, bowl, bucket, hat or anything else that can hold some goodies. Let the container guide the contents: Create a movie motif by stuffing a plastic popcorn container with a DVD, microwave popcorn and a box of candy. How about a flower pot filled with seeds and a plastic shovel, or a small beach tote containing flip flops and sunglasses? Check your local dollar store for thrifty finds to fill your themed containers.

On the Prowl

Gather some candy, inexpensive toys, or other treats and hide them throughout your home or backyard for a scavenger hunt. Set kids loose with a list of simple clues and paper bag. They’ll have a ball as they unearth all of the hidden birthday treasures!

Make (Instant) Memories

Snap some pictures during the party and print them prior to your guests’ departure. Give each attendee a candid shot of themselves enjoying the birthday festivities, or a snapshot with the birthday boy or girl. Bonus points for giving out inexpensive frames, or having children construct and decorate their own DIY version as a party activity.

Give Back

As the Scout Elves always say, “Birthdays are for giving!”. Forego the gift bags altogether and instead donate money to a charity of the birthday child’s choosing. Guests will surely be pleased to know they’ve been a part of helping a cause important to the guest of honor. Check with your charity of choice to see if they can provide some magnets or donation certificates to provide to your guests on their way out.

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