Exciting Activities with Elf Pets®

The only thing more exciting than the arrival of your Scout Elf this season may be the fact that kids can play a big role in helping Santa complete his Christmas duties! All they need are their Elf Pets® to cuddle and play with! Read More

Can My Elf Pets® Stay with Me All Year?

Everyone knows that Santa’s Scout Elves return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, but what about their furry counterparts, the Elf Pets®? Luckily, these helpers have different missions for Santa, ones that allow them to stay with you all year! Read More

Find Out Your Reindeer Name!

One of the best parts of adopting one of Santa’s scout elves or an Elf Pets® is getting to name your new family friend. But do your kids ever wonder what name Santa would give them if they were one of his reindeer? Read More

Ideas for Elves with Reindeer Pets

When Scout Elves and their Elf Pets® Reindeer put their heads together, there’s no limit to the great ideas they can come up with! Check out the adventures that are possible when elves and reindeer work together to impress their families! Read More