Jumpstart Holiday Family Fun with Christmas Crafts

It’s time to deck the halls with easy DIY décor that’s sure to delight! From a delicious doughnut snowman to an impressive DIY ornament, the Scout Elves have picked out six ideas to get your holiday crafting in gear. Just pick the perfect project for your family, grab some items from around the house and let your creative juices flow! Read More

Medals for Your Award-Winning Family

In the spirit of this month’s activities in Rio de Janeiro, the scout elves wanted to share these fun paper medals for your little ones to color and give to their award-winning family members. You could even get creative and host your very own “closing ceremony” like they do after the world games! Read More

Family Story Time Activities

There are a large number of scout elves who love telling stories. They tell stories so often, they even came up with a super fun North Pole way to create terrific tales—and now they want to share it with YOU! Read More

Back-to-School Lunchbox Notes from the North Pole!

Special delivery straight from the North Pole: a collection of printable lunchbox notes made by Santa and his scout elves! Slip one of these sweet notes into your little one’s brown paper bag, and when lunchtime rolls around they’ll be ecstatic to receive a special, scholarly message from their North Pole friends. What a great way to kick off the new school year! Read More

Bring Your Kids Together With DIY Sibling Connection Kits!

This Friday marks Siblings Day, a time for brothers and sisters to honor their special bond! As advocates of friendship and family moments, the scout elves are especially excited for this exceptional day. Moms, you can help your kids celebrate this holiday by supplying them each with their own Sibling Connection Kit, which they will use to create a fun-filled day focused on spending time with one another. Once you’ve created the kits and given them to your children, sit back and watch as they use the contents of the kits to seize Siblings Day! Read More

Kids Will Be Over the Rainbow for a Lucky Birthday Party!

March birthdays provide a perfect time to celebrate the fantastical fairies associated with this month’s most famous holiday—St. Patrick’s Day! Similar to Santa’s helpers, leprechauns love taking part in birthday celebrations. Lucky for your guests, a leprechaun has already visited your home and left a series of fun activities in his wake, including what fun cupcakes to make, activities to do, party favors to make, and other fun scout elf suggestions. Follow his trail of tiny footprints around your home and discover all of the directions he’s left for your child and their party guests! Read More

DIY Tooth Fairy Tote

It’s no secret that Santa’s scout elves are huge fans of the Tooth Fairy’s work rewarding good boys and girls all over the world. So in honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, the elves thought they’d share this adorable DIY Tooth Fairy Tote with you! When your little one’s tooth starts to wiggle, reach for a few simple supplies to create this North Pole-approved bag, which will make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find your children’s bygone baby teeth – and to leave a reward behind for them to find the next morning! Read More

February Birthdays and Valentine’s Day: A Lovely Pair!

Kids who have birthdays this month have a wonderful opportunity to throw a birthday bash modeled after this month’s holiday: Valentine’s Day! The day, known for exchanging cards, flowers and gifts, presents a great opportunity for kids to show appreciation for their friends. Your child’s guests will be ready to fall head over heels for your party planning! Read More

December Birthday Party Ideas

It’s easy for birthdays that fall in December to get lost amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations. If your child has a December birthday, adopt one of these themes that celebrates the season while still highlighting the birthday as the main event! Read More

Need Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas?

Need a last minute idea for your little trick-or-treaters? Take a hint from the scout elves at the North Pole and look no further than your closet. By making good use of items both old and new from the Claus Couture Collection™, these elves found inspiration. With a little imagination, your everyday items can become a clever costume! Read More

Fall Into Fun: November Birthday Party Ideas

November birthday parties can be tough to plan as the weather gets colder. However, if you need to move your little one’s birthday festivities indoors, Santa has some quick party ideas that won’t require too much prep time. In fact, you may already have everything you need in your pantry or storage room! Read More

5 Fun Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

You don’t need a lot of space to pull off a stellar birthday party game, and with our ideas you won’t need to spend a lot of money or time either! Be resourceful like our scout elves in the toyshop and repurpose items around your house to create birthday games and activities that will keep kids engaged until it’s time to cut the cake! Read More

5 Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

During those balmy spring and sunny summer months, look no further than your own backyard for the ideal locale for a breezy bash. We know just how to put all that open green space to good use—with a few of our scout elves’ favorite party activities! These engaging games are sure to be a hit with a variety of age groups and can be easily adapted to your party’s theme. Read More

September Birthday Party Ideas

The scout elves have come up with some neat ideas for celebrating September birthdays! Catch the last of the warm weather before summer fades to fall with themed parties that are perfect for soaking up those remaining sunny rays. Read More

Birthday Goody Bag Ideas

When it comes to goody bags, the candy-filled paper sack routine is one birthday tradition that could use a little TLC. Rather than providing your party-goers’ with more of the same old thing, send guests home in high spirits with a memorable take-away. Let some of our inexpensive and unique ideas inspire your next goody giveaway. Read More

Six Super Ways to Build a Birthday Chair

Scout elves love sweet treats and colorful presents, but decorating a birthday chair is most certainly their favorite part of a birthday celebration! This North Pole custom, explained in The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition, is a great opportunity for scout elves to add some extra magic to any child’s birthday soiree. Your kids will love waking up on their big day to find a regular chair transformed into a throne fit for a birthday prince or princess! Here are some of the scout elves’ favorite ways to deck the birthday chair. Read More

August Birthday Party Ideas

Seize the opportunity to soak up the warm weather this August with party themes in the great outdoors! Our scout elves are offering up ideas and inspiration for how to pull off these four, fun birthday bash themes that can take place in your very own backyard. Read More

Grandparent’s Day!

Here’s a treat grandparents will love! The scout elves made a special booklet just for kids to give to their grandparents! Fill in the blanks, decorate with plenty of color and sparkle, and put the pages together. It'll be a special gift of love for someone who loves you so much! Read More