Fun Family Holiday Activities

As the season winds down, enjoy family time with the Scout Elves’ ideas for having optimal fun while indoors this winter! Whether you're looking to spend quality family time doing a beloved Christmas activity or playing a free printable game, the Scout Elves have you covered. Read More

Why Didn’t Our Scout Elf Move?

There are many reasons your elf chooses the same spot after returning from the North Pole, and we’ve compiled a list of those reasons, so you can help little ones understand why your elf may land in the same spot in your home the very next day! Read More

Inside Santa’s Mail Room Grotto

Deep in the Arctic, hidden by snow, sits Santa’s mail room grotto where millions upon millions of letters wind up every Christmas. Learn fun facts about this special place at the North Pole, and learn what happens to your letters when they arrive at the North Pole! Read More

Quiz: Put your Elf on the Shelf Balloon Knowledge to the Test!

Do you know how many handlers it will take to help The Elf on the Shelf® balloon soar high above the crowd at The 92nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®? How about how tall, wide and long the balloon is? Bide your time until the parade’s kickoff by learning fun facts about everyone’s favorite Christmas balloon. Take the Quiz Read More

What Do Scout Elves Do at the North Pole?

Once their families hit the hay, Scout Elves begin zipping off to the North Pole to report all of the day’s exciting events to Santa! But after all the tales of the day’s adventures are told, do elves do anything for fun while they’re back at the North Pole? They certainly do! Read More

Navy Submarine Visits the North Pole!

Just in time for Veterans Day, gather your little ones together to read about the voyage of the USS Hampton submarine and its Navy crewmen, featuring pictures of Santa and his scout elves at the North Pole! When the Navy submarine has to surface to avoid an iceberg, none of the crew members can believe that they’ve arrived at the North Pole! We hope you enjoy reading this playful tale with your loved ones. Read More

Learn All About the New Elf Pets® Saint Bernard!

Have you ever wondered how Santa makes it around the world in one night? Or how he’s able to carry all of those presents? He uses Christmas magic, which is made from Christmas cheer! To help him gather all the cheer he needs, Santa has given a special mission to his newest friend, the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard. Read More

How Does my Scout Elf Get a Name?

Chippey, Snowflake, Fisbee, Buddy—how exactly does a Scout Elf get one of these unique names? For an elf, receiving a name is an exciting moment. That’s because after a Scout Elf is adopted and given a name, he or she receives the Christmas magic needed to fly to and from the North Pole each night to report to Santa Claus! Read More

5 Paws-itively Perfect Ways to Appreciate Your Pet

Everyone knows that a scout elf’s best friend is an Elf Pets® Reindeer, just like dogs are man’s best friend! So, in honor of National Dog Day, Santa’s scout elves are sharing some tips on how your family can show their appreciation for all the fine furry critters in YOUR life. Now that the dog days of summer are drawing to a close, start celebrating the dog day of summer with your pet in these five fun ways! Read More

10 Tell-Tale Signs You Miss Your Scout Elf

It’s been more than six months since the holiday season swept in, leaving your eyes a twinkle and your heart aglow. Now, as spring fades to summer one thing is getting very clear—your family can’t wait to see its red-suited scout elf visitor again! Here are the 10 tell-tale signs that you and your kids are truly, deeply missing your scout elf. Read More