Cinnamon Sugar Dessert Tacos

The Scout Elves are taking time to say olé! at the North Pole as they cook up a popular and traditional Mexican food: the taco! Of course, the Scout Elves had to put their own sweet spin on this tasty tortilla-wrapped dish by swapping the meat, veggies and salsa for ice cream, fruit and chocolate! Read More

Simple Snowball Cookies

Scout Elves build up a big appetite while slinging snowballs at the North Pole! When they slip inside for something sweet to eat, they can bring the fun with them thanks to their recipe for a tasty treat! Read More

Cookies and Cream Dream Dip

The Scout Elves created one of their most scrumptious confectionary concoctions—cookies and cream dream dip! Try this delectable dessert dip—perfect for an after dinner snack, movie night indulgence or Saturday afternoon surprise! Read More

Perfect Peppermint Popcorn

Try this delicious North Pole twist on movie-night popcorn! It’s easy to make, so the whole family could help! Create this sweet snack, loved by the Scout Elves, for your next family movie night! Read More