Quick No-Bake Desserts

Making dessert has never been as easy as the Scout Elves’ six no-bake recipes that can be made in a snap! Put away the bakeware, and mix your way to perfect desserts thanks to these lightning quick tips from the Scout Elves. Read More

10 Ways to Remix Hot Cocoa

Step up your hot cocoa game this holiday season by putting delightful and delicious twists on an old holiday standby. As you might imagine, the Scout Elves are experts when it comes to sweets, especially hot chocolate! Read More

Christmas Cookie Guide

As much as Santa enjoys delighting kids on Christmas Eve by delivering presents, there’s one other thing that makes him excited for his transcontinental flight—the cookies! Luckily, the Scout Elves have some ideas for what Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa this year. Read More

Easy Candy Corn Hot Cocoa

Celebrate the holiday known for tricks and sweet treats with this bewitching Halloween recipe for a bubbling brew that looks—and tastes—just like candy corn. All your special boys and “ghouls” are sure to enjoy this spellbinding pre-trick-or-treat potion! Read More

Petite Pumpkin Treats

If October had an official vegetable, the pumpkin would certainly be it! Along with your little ones, make these petite treats using the Scout Elves’ simple seven-step recipe, and you’ll create plump little pumpkins perfectly sized for snacking! Read More

A+ Apple Cupcakes

Giving an apple to the teacher is a great way to show appreciation! But children don’t have to honor their favorite mentor with a garden-variety Red Delicious, Fuji or Gala because the Scout Elves have come up with a fun new recipe to show teachers they’re valued! Read More

Summer Snacks for Kids on the Go

It’s summertime, which means little ones can be found outdoors playing games, going on adventures and exploring. To help kids stay as energetic as the Scout Elves for all their outdoor fun, parents can offer them these quick, on-the-go treats! Read More

Lovely Valentine’s Day Cookies

Just in time for a lovely Valentine's Day, the Scout Elves are showing off their decadently decorated heart-shaped sweets! To give their Valentine's Day cookies a unique North Pole flair, the elves added icy blue frosting into the mix,and paired it with the traditional colors of Cupid's holiday: red and pink. Read More