Elf on the Shelf Departure Ideas

Your Scout Elf can end the season on a high note by recreating one of these fun elf departure ideas. Using Christmas décor, free printable items or things from the Claus Couture Collection®, elves can plan the perfect final surprise of the season! Read More

The Quickest Elf on the Shelf Ideas

There’s no quicker elf idea than your Scout Elf flying into an outfit to set a mood and scene in your home. Your elf may use these items from Mrs. Claus’ signature Claus Couture Collection® to make a real snazzy entrance—and fashion statement—this season! Read More

Top Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Get ready for another fabulous season with your Scout Elf with these top Elf on the Shelf ideas! These ideas range from extra impressive to super simple, with enough elf ideas to last your red-suited visitor throughout the season. Read More

Top Tips for Scout Elves

At the North Pole, Scout Elves are always swapping top tips to get ready for the season ahead! This year, the Scout Elves decided to share some of their favorite tips of all time, just in case your family's elf needs any inspiration for all their upcoming surprises. Read More

Easy Elf Ideas with Household Items

For inspiration for all their innovative ideas, your Scout Elf needs to look no further than the items you already have in your home! The Scout Elves know just how to put everyday items to use when creating fun ideas in your home. Read More

11 Epic Scout Elf Return Ideas

In preparation for Scout Elf Return Week™ (starting Nov. 24), the Scout Elves have compiled some of their favorite—and most creative—elf returns of all time. Each idea has two things in common: they're definitely epic, and they can easily be recreated by your Scout Elf! Read More

Time Saving Ideas for Scout Elves

More creative in less time—that’s the Scout Elves’ goal this holiday season when it comes to creating unique hiding spots! To reach their goal, the Scout Elves have come prepared with some great time-saving tools and tips from the Scout Elves at Play® line! Read More

Ideas for Busy Elves

Between flying to the North Pole each night and keeping track of your family’s adventures, Scout Elves are always on the go! It’s no wonder that sometimes your elf could use ideas for quick and effortless hiding spots. Read More

Cool Ideas for Creative Elves

If your Scout Elf is keen loves adding a touch of flair to everything they do, we’ve got the perfect elf ideas for them! For creative elves, these impressive projects won’t take long to pull off, and they’ll be sure to leave little ones wowed in the morning! Read More

Ideas for Elves with Reindeer Pets

When Scout Elves and their Elf Pets® Reindeer put their heads together, there’s no limit to the great ideas they can come up with! Check out the adventures that are possible when elves and reindeer work together to impress their families! Read More

Ideas for Crafty Elves

Some of your Scout Elf’s favorite hiding spots are ones that are crafty and quick! Ease and efficiency are both a part of these adorable ideas for elves who like to get in touch with their inner artist! Read More