No-Mess Cocoa Cup Cake

No limits exist to a Scout Elf’s creativity—especially in the kitchen! While tinkering with ingredients in Mrs. Claus’ Sweet Shop™, the Scout Elves discovered that there are endless ways to recreate one of their favorite cold weather treats: hot chocolate. Read More

What Do Scout Elves Do at Night?

When your children cuddle in the covers and shut their eyes, they may begin dreaming about The Elf on the Shelf® and his long nightly journey to the North Pole. Now, kids can see what their seasonal visitor may be up to at night by watching this exclusive elf video, showing one Scout Elf in action in his family’s home! Read More

Prep for Your Scout Elf’s Arrival

Set the stage for a wonderful holiday season, and prepare for your Scout Elf's arrival with these simple tips from the Scout Elves! From gathering items for your elf, to planning the best welcome you can think of, the Scout Elves have you covered in their quick crash course for Scout Elf Return Week (Nov. 24-Dec. 1). Read More

Everything You Need to Know About The Elf on the Shelf®

When Christmastime rolls around, you may notice the arrival of Santa’s little red-suited helpers, better known as Scout Elves or The Elf on the Shelf®! Pictures pop up on social media, or the elves may arrive in your friends’ homes to make the Christmas season even more festive. But if you’ve never adopted a Scout Elf of your very own, you may be wondering what the elves do each Christmas? Read More

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Letter to Santa?

Looking for the fastest way to get a letter to Santa? Well, it doesn't require postage, and delivery is 100% guaranteed: your Scout Elf! Santa's speedy little helpers fly to the North Pole each night, and can easily carry your letters for the fastest delivery to Santa! Read More

An Easy Elf Idea That Really Rocks

Your Scout Elf is getting ready to strike up the band with his or her own mini drum kit! With this easy printable craft, your elf can transform regular soup and tuna cans into a teeny tin drum set decked out in festive colors. Read More

Inside Mrs. Claus’ Design Studio

Behind each carefully crafted piece of Claus Couture Collection® elf clothing is a magical vision from Mrs. Claus herself! To put her eye for detail and imagination to work, Mrs. Claus opened her own design studio at the North Pole many years ago to create festive creations for Santa’s most special helpers. Read More

Exclusive Q&A with the Scout Elf Training Team

Training all of the scout elves at the North Pole is a big job, but the members of Santa’s Elite Scout Elf Training Team are up to the task! This elite force of super-skilled scout elves are known as the best climbers, jumpers, twirlers and fliers at the North Pole. Read More

Tasty Truffle Treats

All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro this month as athletes from around the globe gather to compete! To celebrate the host country of Brazil, the scout elves have created their own recipe for a tasty Brazilian treat known as brigadeiros, a.k.a. truffles! Read More

Creating Family Moments...

Each year, as scout elves leave the North Pole and arrive at the homes of the families they love, we hear the gleeful sounds of children. They’re spotting their scout elf friends for the first time that year—or meeting for the first time their very own scout elf, sent from Santa himself. Those of us who work with Santa love this moment most of all. Read More