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Hi, Santa here. The Scout Elves love playing games like Snowball Fight and they need your help! First we need to show you a few of the basics. Throw snowballs at your Scout Elf friends to score as many points and extra bags of Christmas Magic as you can and make sure to dodge the ones they throw your way!

  • Earn Christmas Magic to equip POWER-UPS like:
    • INVINCIBILITYWhen activated, you're protected and will lose no lives!
    • RAPID FIREShoots 3 snowballs for every tap, maximizing points earned!
    • BLIZZARDWith a single tap, clear all enemies from the screen, earning points for each!
    • SANTA'S SHIELDDon't lose points, make Santa invincible!
  • When you run out of lives, use Christmas Magic to keep playing. The game will never end as long as you have Christmas Magic!
  • Post your high scores to leaderboards and compete with your friends to be the best Snowball Fight Scout Elf helper!

***Ranked 3rd in Kid's Games last holiday season!***

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Screen Shots:

  • Use Power Ups
  • Earn Points & Bonuses
  • Buy Extra Magic
  • Equip Power Ups
  • Magic Saves
  • Start Screen

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