1. Print the provided The Elf on the Shelf® template onto card stock.
2. Color in the template images of your choice using markers or crayons or use small photos and place them in the frame ; with an adult’s help, cut out the template images.
3. After the pictures have been drawn, cut them out; punch a hole into the top and bottom of each picture.
4. Next, cut a piece of string that is long enough to fit all your pictures on, making sure to leave room in between them.
5. String a bead onto the string; tie a knot around the bead to secure it in place. Then, continue stringing on beads until about one inch of your string is covered. With the last bead you string on for this section, tie another knot around it like you did with your first bead. This will keep your beads from moving.
6. Using one of the The Elf on the Shelf® template images or one of the pictures that you drew on your own, string items onto the Memory String, going through the holes you punched. Have the string run along the backside of your picture so that it doesn’t cover it up!
7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have strung all your pictures onto your Memory String.
8. Once completed, hang your memory string from your backpack, a window, or anywhere else you would like to display your memories!


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